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Dog & Cat Specialty Store
Premium Dry Foods
Made in Wisconsin, and prepared in small batches with fresh ingredients delivered daily, Fromm's  Four-Star dry recipes for dogs and cats offers the highest inclusion levels of fresh meat, fish, fruit, and vegetables. If you asked a four-star restaurant to prepare a fine meal for your pet, they might come up with a recipe as good as this.  The Companion Shop carries Fromm's Four Star, including all of the Grain Free recipes, in dog and cat, and the Adult Gold in dog and cat.  

Made in Wisconsin, American Natural Premium controls what goes into their dog food, assisting in each production run. Their recipes are formulated with 100% natural ingredients and contain absolutely no artificial flavors, unsafe preservatives or colors.  Many of the quality ingredients are from Wisconsin, supporting our local farmers. 
The Companion Shop carries their Grain-Free Foods, the Original, and their yummy treats.   

We carry Solid Gold Health Products Grain Free Indigo Cat, and their Original Adult Cat.  We also love their naturally powerful supplements and health care items like Ear Care with Comfrey, and Berry Balance for urinary tract problems in dogs or cats.   
Nature’s Variety has a great idea about food.  They spray their freeze dried food on the dry food, so your pet still gets some viable vitamins and enzymes.  We carry the dry cat food in the Duck and Chicken Instinct formulas.  

Premium Raw Frozen Foods
(We are strong believers in raw food for your dogs and cats, and strongly urge you to start introducing live, balanced, raw foods to their diet.)
Premium Canned Foods
Stella & Chewy's
One of our favorite brands.  They use organic veggies and fruits to get the vitamins and minerals in our furry friend's little bodies.  They have a huge variety of proteins to easily rotate between.  They are made in Wisconsin,  which of coarse we love, so that's a great reason right there to try Stella & Chewy's
NorthWest Naturals
Fantastic prices with this high quality raw food.  It comes in several convenient forms, like the 1# dinner bar, 2# and 5# Chubs, and little nuggets in a 6# bag.  They even have bulk boxes of individually frozen 1# bars.  Many proteins to choose from, and even a frequent buyer program.  They are the company that does most of the High Pressure Pastureisation (HPP) for most of the other Raw Food Manufacturers.   
Natures Variety
A very palatable food for dogs and cats, it has a consistency that animals really like, so it makes it a great food to start out on.  We carry their patties, medallions, and 5# bars.  
Our inventory is changing all the time.  Please call for availability.  We carry most of the items from these companies, but it's always a good idea to call first, especially if you are coming from out of town.  715-344-2821
We also carry Raw Beef Femur Bones for recreational chewing.  They are extremely healthy, and have improved the dental health of 100's of dogs.  They are an excellent way to introduce any size dog to raw, live foods.  
Freeze Dried Foods
Stella & Chewy's
We carry Wisconsin's Stella & Chewy's in Freeze Dried as well.  These are raw foods that just undergo a freeze drying process that removes the water, but leaves the enzymes and nutrients.  Great for treats, food toppers, traveling, and for changing up their diets.  Extremely tasty and popular with dogs and cats.  
Momentum Freeze-Dried Meat Treats
Made in Wisconsin these are the best treats ever for your dogs and cats.  No added anything. They are freeze-dried so the enzymes and more of the vitamins are still there to do their work. 

Sojos Complete Freeze-Dried Diets
Made in nearby Minnesota (we'll consider that local ;)  They use the best ingredients, you add the water.  It smells incredible, you might have to put a "for the dog" sign on it while it soaks up that great moisture.  Great for finicky critters, traveling, changing things up a bit, special treat.....Many great proteins to choose from.  
​Dave's Premium Pet Foods
Dave is kind of a hero to us small, independent, local retailers.  little "pet guys".  He's one too, now he's branching out in to Pet Food Manufacturing.  He's counting on us to spread the word about his great food so he can save on advertising and pass that savings on to you.  It's a great quality food at a great price for everyone.  Available in dog and cat varieties.  
One of the oldest dog food companies in the country, Evangers has built a state of the art facility that manufactures cans for many other pet food companies.  They are one of only a few pet food canaries in the states, located in Illinois.  We carry their Grain free Wild Meat Formulas for dogs or cats, in the 6 oz can. They are very limited ingredients, so great for sensitive tummies or allergy problems.  
Merrick makes a lot of great stuff for pets.  We carry a lot of their chews, but also their Gourmet Canned Dog Foods.  Most of them are chunky with some savory gravy, making them one of the tastiest foods available.    Mix and Match flavors like Grammy's Pot Pie, Smothered Comfort, Turducken, Cowboy Cookout, and more.  
Our new favorite, besides our beloved Fromm, is Zignature.  Made in South Dakota, it features Grain-Free, Chicken-Free, Limited Ingredient formulas.  The ones we have in stock normally are Catfish, Kangaroo, Venison, Lamb, Duck, and Trout & Salmon.  We also stock those flavors in cans.  Zignature uses lower glycemic (sugar) chickpeas as the binder, so less sugar for Fido(ess) to try and digest.